Andean Cat 99999 Pure Silver Rounds available for a limited time

Amazing breakthrough in technology and persuit of environmentally friendly production of Silver. Result is the product by Royal Silver Company, Silver and Gold Andean Cats. Silver and Gold Bullion Rounds of the highest purity. Like other unofficial bullion rounds these are not COINS or not official minted coins but a bullion round exact, pure and extremely rare in this purity.

Royal Silver 99.999 Pure, the purest round available

Royal Silver 99.999 Pure, the purest round available

Exclusive Limited Edition. Only 50,000 Andean Cat Silver rounds will be minted.
Your purchase will help save the rare, wild Andean Cat from extinction.
An independent Assay of Purity included with every purchase of Extra-fine Silver rounds.
Each round is double-struck and sealed in a transparent air-tight capsule.
Our Andean Cats are the first and only 5×9 silver rounds on Earth.

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