Predictions on Gold and Silver bullion prices in 2013-2014

Given unpredictable state of the market today one thing is clear, everything possible is being done to keep prices of silver and gold down in order to drive investment to the stock market and real-estate. Here is a few videos by experts on the subjects and their opinions and predictions:

Peter Schiff debates David Epstien

Invigorating debate between Peter Schiff and David Epstein at Columbia University. (shared by Shiffreport) What is the answer to our economic crisis today? Who knows, here is two polar opposite views one from the traditional economist’s point of view another from investment professional. All things aside, this may give you a broader understanding about the […]

Silver Maples for the future

Great video with ideas on holding metals forever. Good ideas! Imagine your family held silver for you, today you would own your home and would be helping your kids to invest in their future instead of putting it all in banker’s pockets.

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