Canadian Silver

Canadian Silver is one of the finest bullion products available. More pure than most coins, maple Leafs are 9999 ( four nines) pure as are the Royal Canadian Mint bars. Canadian Silver Bullion is a high quality investment and is an excellent form of physical silver to hold. Royal Canadian Mint is currently producing wide […]

Andean Cat 99999 Pure Silver Rounds available for a limited time

Amazing breakthrough in technology and persuit of environmentally friendly production of Silver. Result is the product by Royal Silver Company, Silver and Gold Andean Cats. Silver and Gold Bullion Rounds of the highest purity. Like other unofficial bullion rounds these are not COINS or not official minted coins but a bullion round exact, pure and […]

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Example of how our money devalued over the years

Get this, simple information on our simple most basic Canadian quarter , yes 25c coin. It is not a Silver Maple or anything special just our quarter in it’s incarnation through the ages. Take a look of the composition changes, what it is made of: Technical specifications: 1908 to 1910 Composition: 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper […]

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