Junk Silver

Junk Silver is not Junk at all

It is Silver often less pure but still of between 80-92%.

Junk Silver can be bought and sold like any other silver investments. Coin shops offer buying and selling “junk” silver coinage.

In case of Canadian coins, all pre-1967 Silver coins in 1$ of 1/2 $ (o.50C) are considered junk silver and are happily traded between dealers, shops and individuals. Exceptions are Pre 1919 coins which are 92,5% pure and are rare and more valuable.

Junk Silver is a good entry level investment, it is cheap to buy, or I should say less expensive then pure minted bullion coins such as Maple Leafs. Today in comparison a Maple Leaf price is 33.00CAD where 1966 Silver Dollar is only 18.00 where Spot price is 29.50. See the difference.

See, One man’s Junk is another man’s Silver!!!

Sterling is another form of Junk Silver, ranging from 80-90% Sterling is a good secondary form of Silver investment, even less expensive it is abundant in a form of Silverware and household items. Most comprehensive directory of Silversmith markings and ID’s is found here: http://silvercollecting.com/silvermarksA.html