Silver Gold Bars

Silver Bullion Bars:

Since the development of the physical silver investment market in the early 1970s, Engelhard 100-oz .999 fine (99.9% pure) silver bars have been among most popular silver bars because Engelhard Mint is a major player in the precious metals industry. The first Engelhard silver bars were the poured 100-oz bars. As demand grew, however, Engelhard went to an extrusion process, which lowered manufacturing costs. The bar pictured is the latest version of Engelhard extruded bars.

The Engelhard hallmark, the description, and the identification number are recessed, having been stamped on the bars. Both styles of Engelhard extruded silver bars measure 5-7/8″ X 3″ X 1 and weigh 6.86 pounds on a bathroom (avoirdupois) scale. Because of their uniform sizes, Engelhard extruded silver bars stack and store easily. Which makes this item especially nice for the larger investor.

Engelhard is one of the most highly respected names in the precious metals industry, causing many investors to ask for only Engelhard bars.


Johnson Matthey Poured Silver Bar 100 Troy oz.

These silver bullion bars are made by Johnson Matthey, a refiner that has been in business since 1817. Renowned the world over for the quality of their products and the reputation that has endured for nearly 200 years.

Johnson Matthey Bars are .999 Fine Silver, poured in a loaf shape with lots of character (cooling marks and ripples), weigh at least 100 Troy ounces and may be decades old, so some aging is to be expected (some toning, dents and scrapes etc). Many of the older bars are actually marked with a 100+oz mark. If you are looking to buy silver in quantity, this is one of the ways ways to do it.

Royal Canadian Mint 100 Troy Ounce Bar

A beautifully formed 100oz Silver Bullion Bar from the Royal Canadian Mint with a 9999 purity, like the Silver Maple Leafs. Great product.

Liberty Mint 10 Oz. Bar

99.9% pure silver bearing the hallmark of the Liberty Mint.  The size is approximately 3.5in x 1.75in x .5in.  The smaller unit makes these bars attractive because they are easily exchanged and still affordable metal in a bar format.Most recognized bars, including Johnson Matthey and Engelhard, are only available in the secondary market as they are not being produced any longer which has the bars in not so mint condition often.

NTR 10 Oz Bars

Designed for the precious metals investor, all NTR Metals’ bullion products are guaranteed for purity, weight and quality.

NTR Metals bullion products are designed for the precious metals investor who seeks to hold a physical position while minimizing the capital and risk associated with premiums. As a market maker, NTR Metals provides liquidity for customers when they are ready to exit their position.

All NTR’s products are hand inspected for quality and consistency prior to packaging. NTR Metals only mints pure gold (.9999 fine) and silver (.999 fine) bullion.

Minted bars are RF heat sealed in a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) casing that protects the finish from physical damage and oxidation. This unique packaging allows bars to be sold individually or in sheets of ten.