Silver Bullion in Vancouver

Silver Bullion in Vancouver

Visited J&M jewellery and coin dealer in Vancouver… Seems to be a reputable dealer with decent sale prices on bullion products. Silver and Gold in every type and form is abundant. We picked up some Maples and some other coin. They did not have the Silver Wolf’s (not at a bullion price anyway) these coins are selling at a premium right now simply because they are in limited supply for the time being.

I would still opt for Maple Leafs any day. It is a best form of silver in my opinion only.

Silver is doing some interesting things right now and some people may be tempted to go “short” and sell a bunch of silver at a current high price to try to re-buy later at a lower price but be careful, Silver seems to have consolidated at around 30.00 mark right now and minor drop is possible but I would not bank on a huge bargain. Today ( this morning actually) was a pretty good low price to re-buy some more, which I did. But do stay on top of it unless you are absolutely sure in your long term goals.

I would keep searching Used Victoria, Craig’s List, Kijiji, and private dealers for prices closer to spot or real value, don’t be bullied into thinking it is impossible to obtain silver at a good price locally, can’t get any more local then right from your computer!!!

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