Silver Bullion in Victoria, BC, Vancouver Island

Silver Bullion in Victoria, BC, Vancouver Island

There is a very overinflated market in second rate silver like pre 67 silver coins and older world coins. All being junk silver and not carrying a premium price on a real market they are priced exuberantly high on Used Victoria and local shops.

I would not shop for silver locally at all unless you come across a reasonable and educated dealer. Many coin shops have ridiculously low buying rates and over inflated sale prices.

Victoria is a small town once the perception of a value is established it seems to stick for a while weather it is true or not. I recently found some Maple Leafs at 45.00 Cad for sale. Nobody in the right mind would pay that today, but according to the seller “they go fast” , well not to me or anyone I know. That’s not to say that I would not like to sell at that price. What bothers me is the volatility of the situation and instead of good trading we have feeding frenzies in smaller towns like Victoria.

Vancouver is much better, Toronto better yet, but best of all is internet where much of the dealers have more realistic view on the whole picture.

I would keep searching Used Victoria,Vancouver, Calgary, Craig’s List in major cities, Kijiji, and private dealers for prices closer to spot and real value, don’t be bullied into thinking it is impossible to obtain silver at a good price locally, can’t get any more local then right from your computer!!!

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