What types of Silver to buy

Generally speaking type or form of Silver you wish to hold depends on a few factors.

  1. How much money are you able to invest
  2. How long will you be holding it
  3. How quickly you need to be able to liquidate
  4. How easy it is to store it
  5. Where in the world you are or will be

Quite simple large bars are very expensive to buy and to sell, so if you don’t have 1000’s to invest consider smaller items like coins or small bars. 10 Oz bars from reputable mint or refinery are excellent form of investment.

Coins better yet. Official minted bullion coin of the country you are in is likely your best bet. I prefer Canadian Silver Maple Leafs for two reasons, one is that it is .9999 pure and it is well respected and recognized internationally. So is Austrian Philharmonic Silver.

These being primary forms of investment, you can look for bargains in the Junk Silver, Sterling, scrap etc. it is less expensive but also less desirable therefore more difficult to sell at a good price when you need to. However bargain is bargain and if the price is right, why not, but do some research.At least find out where to sell it and at what rate.

Neither Junk nor Premium are the Silver Rounds like the Buffalo Round, Walking Eagle Round, and Liberty Round. All of the above are pure silver medalions, rounds, made to exact weight of 1 Oz. and are .999 pure Silver. Pure Silver Rounds are an excellent way to invest in pure silver because their premium above the silver spot price is often less than that of legal tender coins.

Here is an excellent quick video by Mike Maloney on types of silver investments.